The bonobo are members of the family of great apes along with the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan. They are one of our closest living relatives with DNA that is more than 98% identical to ours. They are one of the more peaceful members of the great ape family and are commonly known for their promiscuity. The bonobo's almost identical genetic make up and behavior comparable to that of humans, make the bonobo an interesting species to observe in order to learn more about our evolutionary past.


Scientific Name: Pan paniscus

Native Location: The Republic of Congo

Current Status: Endangered

More FactsEdit

  • Bonobos are less afraid of water than chimpanzees and sometimes even fish for shrimp with their hands.
  • Bonobos were thought to be another type of chimp until they were identified by scientists in 1926.
  • In the wild, bonobos get most of their liquid from fruits.
  • The average lifespan of a bonobo in captivity is over 50 years.