Bonobo FoodEdit

A bonobo's main source of food is fruits found in the jungle. They have also been seen actively eating termites, leaves, bark, seeds, herbs, and small invertebrates such as caterpillars. Bonobos have also ben observed eating small creatures in the wild such as flying squirrels, however they rarely hunt for meat. They also eat roots, flowers, earthworms, honey, and soil.

Finding Food & EatingEdit

Bonobos often find their food in trees and from plants growing on the jungle floor. They will hunt for termites by putting a stick down the termite hole and licking the delicious little bugs off the stick. They will sometimes even hunt for small animals in the jungle to eat.

Bonobos typically eat their spoils high in the trees, away from predators. They have typically been observed eating mostly only fruits in the morning and in the afternoons eating bugs and small animals.