Bonobos WalkingEdit

Bonobos walk quadrupedal (knuckle walk) like most other apes and have choppy bipedal maneuvers. Bonobos typically use a diagonal walking gait to travel. However, at high velocities they will gallop. Unfortunately for bonobos, the gallop causes high amounts of stress on the limbs since they get so stiff.

Bonobos typically use a bent hip, bent knee posture during both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion. When walking, bonobos place their entire foot very flat on the ground, causing the ankle to flex and then extend.

Bonobos In TreesEdit

Bonobos tend to be more adventurous when it comes to arboreal locomotion. They use an arm swinging technique that propels them through the trees. However, once they are in the trees, they spend a lot of their time climbing up the branches and walking throughout the tree. Bonobos typically walk bipedal through trees unless they reach a large bough, where they will then walk quadrupedal. They have also been known to get down from trees very quickly and hastily once they feel threatened in order to retreat on ground.