Bonobos are relatively peaceful animals. The commonly heard slogan “make love not war” has often been used to describe their tendency to resolve issues through sexual interactions than aggression.

Bonobos are much more peaceful than their close relative, the chimpanzee, for a number of reasons. While chimpanzees establish territory that they are very protective of, bonobos do not seem to have established territories so bonobos do not fight over territory. Also, female bonobos are more available for mating, which makes fighting between males over mating rights less common with the bonobos.

The sexual behavior of the bonobo is most likely the central reason why the bonobo are such peaceful animals. When different bonobo groups meet, instead of fighting, they interact sexually and share food. Not only do bonobo interact heterosexually, but they also interact homosexually which lessens any tension and creates a tighter bond between same sex bonobos. The promiscuous behavior of the bonobo serves to ease any tension and tighten the bonds within the whole society, making the bonobo a very peaceful species.